Color and Finish


Our computer-controlled color injection equipment is state of the art and assures the highest quality. This technology helps us get your orders into production faster, keep concrete colors uniform over pours, and match any chosen color from any supplier.

Concrete Colors can be viewed and chosen from any of the following suppliers:

Selecting a Color

We recommend the Davis Color website to view large digital color samples and select a desired color and finish:
  1. Click on a color from the palette and look for “sample photo” at the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. Clicking on the sample photo will bring up a large color picture with a smooth finish.
  3. Continue clicking “Next Project” to view examples of broom finish and sandblast finish.

Color Pricing

On the Davis Colors website, the dollar signs indicate the cost-per-yard. Colors with a single ($), double ($$), and triple ($$$) dollar sign are part of our standard colors. Colors with more than three dollar signs are premium colors and would require an additional charge.


We offer many different finishes for our precast concrete products: Among them: As-Cast, Sacked Smooth, Acid Etch and Light, Medium, or Heavy Sandblast.
Note: UPC does not supply or offer the color products by these above named color suppliers. Click here to download PDF