Logos & Artwork


Universal Precast Concrete can offer the following options for installation of logos on our precast concrete items

Cast-in Logos
  • These can be painted various colors or left unpainted.
  • Logo graphics are needed as “vector art” (Adobe Illustrator, CAD, or Corel Draw) format and can be provided to us or can be designed by our in-house design team. (Small art design fee may be charged)
  • We have a great number of fonts available for letters on the sign. Letter size can be any custom dimension, as specified by our customers.

California State Parks Painted Logo

HPL (High Pressure Laminate). We could provide pricing for these laminated logos or they can be provided to us.


City of Los Angeles Rec & Parks High Pressure Laminate Logo

Bronze / Metal Imbedded Items. We can provide pricing for these items or they can be provided to us.


Palace of Fine Arts Imbedded Bronze Logo