Universal Precast Concrete manufactures a variety of standard and custom precast concrete items. Please click on one of the links below to see our capabilities in each of these six precast categories:

Custom Precast

Producing highly custom precast concrete items is our specialty. There is really no limit to the variety of precast items we can make–all we need is a general idea from our customer. Among our most popular custom precast items are playground animal sculptures and rocks & ropes adventure playgrounds to fit any theme imaginable. A lot of our custom items are things most people wouldn’t even associate with concrete–who ever heard of a concrete tree for instance?!–so it’s always a pleasant surprise when they learn that the unique structure in front of them is actually made of precast concrete.

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Architectural Precast

Our intricate architectural precast concrete items enhance the aesthetics of any location. Among our most popular architectural items are: precast concrete wall caps, columns, pilasters, balustrades, streetscape products, seatwalls, marker posts, and memorial walls. We also make custom architectural items per customers’ specifications, such as light pole bases for historical renovation projects. We are also happy to work with architects in the design stages of any project which requires intricate architectural and decorative precast.

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Park & Site Furnishings

In addition to the custom precast items, we are capable of producing a wide selection of standard precast concrete items which you normally see in popular urban locations like city parks, schools, libraries, restaurants, commercial or residential complexes, airports, and many other types of venues. Some of our most popular park and site furnishings include: precast concrete picnic tables, benches, planters, trash & recycle receptacles. Many of our standard precast items meet the state specifications and include local city or parks department logos. Call or e-mail us today to see what we can do for your current or future project.

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Monument Signs

We have the capability to produce both standard signs for City parks as well as very custom precast monument signs. Our signs can be either single or double-sided, and with or without footing attached, which makes installation both easier and faster than other types of concrete such as poured-in-place. We can customize the sign with intricate logos, artwork, and a variety of concrete colors and finish options. Some of our most unique items we create came from just a vague idea of what a customer wants. We produced a wood-grained sign for a Native American project which looks just like a real wood sign made of nothing but wood held together by rope – but is actually wood-grained concrete! Find the picture of "Tish-Taing" to see for yourself.

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Our streetscape products grace the downtown streets of many prominent cities throughout California such as Sunnyvale, Oakland, Chico, and Yuba City. We provide street furniture such as seat blocks, planters, decorative bollards, and gateway monuments. Many of our streetscape products are also one-of-a-kind custom items because of our ability to match any architect’s specifications. For past projects, we’ve often coordinated a certain theme or color for various items like planters, pedestals, caps, and seating areas to create a more aesthetically pleasing effect for the enjoyment of locals and tourists. If you have an idea of what we can do for your town, give us a call and we’ll try out best to turn your ideas into reality.

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Utility Precast

We manufacture a variety of precast utility products. These include: precast concrete burial crypts, columbarium units, barriers, lagging, MSE panels, crane ballasts, light pole bases, V-groove boat ramp panels, target emplacements, awareness strips, and stair treads. All of our products are durable & offer a significant cost savings when compared to cast-in-place concrete due to shorter installation time and ease of fabrication. Over the years, we’ve completed more and more government, city, & county projects.

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National Cemeteries

Universal Precast Concrete has completed many cemeteries throughout the United States including the territory of Guam. We've manufactured concrete burial vaults and related columbarium architectural concrete products for many years. We can supply your cemetery project with all the precast that is needed including: precast burial vaults, columbarium niches, columbarium caps, memorial wall panels, headstone support blocks, monument signs, and smaller traffic sign posts with collars. Universal Precast Concrete, Inc. has supplied many National Cemeteries for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs throughout the Continental United States.
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UPC Parks

UPC Parks is a leader in the playground industry, specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative commercial park and playground fun inspired from nature. We design projects large and small, and have installations and representatives across the US and Canada. Thematic adventures are UPC Parks' specialty. By combining our various lines of equipment, we make custom playgrounds with unique themes and adventures. Our playgrounds are designed to offer challenge and exciting imaginative play experiences for children of all ages and abilities. Looking for a unique playground?
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